About Us

Founded in UK in 1959, The Hira Group is diverse with sectors of business focused on manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, trading, retail and property.

With our roots in textiles, the group expanded to dealing globally in a wide array of products. Our mantra of business and service of our customer has allowed us to continue to grow successfully and we count some of the world’s largest companies among our partners today.

Corporate Values

Honesty and integrity are the bedrock of both business and life. We espouse these values at our core, and expect this to form the basis of long and rewarding relationships.

Respect and attitude both are within our organization and our partners. This allows us all to focus on the long term development of the group and our partnerships.

A commitment to creativity and excellence. Recognizing there are always challenges in the path of business and life, our nurturing of talent and ingenuity enable us to solve even the most difficult of issues that may arise, as well as take advantage of market opportunities when they are presented.

Our long history and the way we carry out business has allowed us to build up and earn an excellent reputation on an international scale. This is an incredibly important asset and one which we seek to nurture and protect in our future development.