Established since 1959, its main trading activities during the sixties were focused in textiles and exporting from the renowned northern mills to over 100 countries. By the mid 1970’s, The Hira Company had established itself as a major importer and distributor of electronic consumables within the United Kingdom and Europe. We had long association and partnerships with a number of major Japanese conglomerates and were official distributors for Sharp Electronics, Casio, Pioneer, Japan CBM, to name but a few.

The Texet brand was purchased in the late 70s, this was an established consumer electronics brand, with office products and electronics being at the forefront of the product portfolio. Texet products have grown across many categories from memory to consumer gadgets and are now available in many of the world’s most renowned global retailers.

The Group has since expanded beyond trading, to Digital and Ecommerce, Property Investment, Private Equity and as well been supportive of young entrepreneurs and the start up space. As we evolve in our third generation, we remain committed to our ideals and trading zeal.

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Our Founders


Shyam Karamchand Hira (1921 – 2002) & Rukmani Shyam Hira (1920 – 2008)
Coming from a heritage of landowners ( Zamindars) in India before partition, our Father decided against following this path and was more attracted towards the commerce and trade. He studied widely and intently and choose the course of textiles, which brought him to Manchester in the UK in the early 1950s. The Company was founded not long after in 1959 and grew from inception across industries and Geography.

Our Mother’s strength, resilience and love was integral to the growth of the group and as life President she was always there to provide counsel and advice as called upon. Unity and respect were her bedrock and foundation, as well as spiritual teaching and service to her community.

Our value system was always based on our parents' teaching. We have sought to distill those lessons into what they mean to us today and have we continued to apply them now.


Supply Chain Management

Entering our 7th Decade there is a natural wealth of experience and knowledge that we put to use on every project we commit to and at the heart of this is our wide network of trusted counterparts across S.E. Asia and Europe.
Our team in China and Vietnam is extremely proficient in managing all manners and scale of projects and across a variety of broad verticals.

• Secure an Ethically sound base of factories approved as per international standards
• Ahead of the curve item selections
• Understanding our client and delivering.


Digital & Ecommerce

Given the adapting environment and our strength in sourcing, developing our channels for direct to consumer models is a natural progression. We remain focused on India & Vietnam, as well as the UK & the EU as the initial markets. The expectation is for these areas to emerge as more significant and integral parts of our operations moving ahead.


Property & Hospitality

In the late 1980s, the group strategically diversified into various projects in the property and hospitality arena in Asia and Europe. Most significant amongst these are our investments in Costa Blanca , one of the most charming parts of Spain. This remains with the group till date. We operate and manage apartments and a full-scale resort complex, as well as have land banks which we are looking to develop into a number of schemes. These will be focused on wellness as well as senior citizen habitats.


Trading & Distribution

The bedrock of our group is Trading & Distribution and is still very much a core activity even today. We continue to service our UK client base - from Global groups to Wholesalers. This entails both managing the channels for our own brands as well as a number of international brands.



Sevasoul is our brand of spiritual bracelets. Inspiration for this comes from the world and people around us with the desire to impart something beautiful.

Sevasoul has sponsored the education of young orphaned girls in India as well as contributed to organizations involved in education and vocational training of young children. For every sale that happens at Sevasoul, 10% of the purchase amount goes towards donation.

An ethical life is built of integrity, honesty, kindness, decency and belief in truth, justice, honour, love, respect, compassion, and working together to make life better.

Our News


Celebrated our Platinum Jubilee 2019

A momentous anniversary and happily celebrated last year to mark the auspicious date of our founding in April 1959. We continue to build , invest and diversify in the plan to grow the business for the stakeholders in the group. Watch this space for our 75th Celebration plans !

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Sanjay Hira

April 27,2019

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The Hira Group is a highly successful international family business, established in 1959 and owners of the Texet brand of FMCG. The group has offices in UK, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Spain and India.

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